Photoshoot for Crafter Guitars

I was commissioned by Sutherland Trading to photograph a range of Crafter guitars to be featured in advertising and marketing material.

Working with the project manager, we came up with the concept of shooting the guitars in various interesting and independent locations around the city of Cardiff. Taking place over a full day, the shoot saw us visit independent cafes, bookshops, record stores and more.

We worked with three different models on the day too, with a range of challenges including the fact that two of them could not play guitar – but we got there in the end. At the end of the shoot, the client was left with over 300 full resolution images to use in any promotional material.

Take a look at some of the final images in the gallery below.

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crafter_guitar_shoot_001 crafter_guitar_shoot_004 crafter_guitar_shoot_007 crafter_guitar_shoot_010 crafter_guitar_shoot_012 crafter_guitar_shoot_014 crafter_guitar_shoot_015 crafter_guitar_shoot_019 crafter_guitar_shoot_022 crafter_guitar_shoot_025 crafter_guitar_shoot_028 crafter_guitar_shoot_030 crafter_guitar_shoot_031 crafter_guitar_shoot_033

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