Hello and welcome to my website!

I’m a journalist, copywriter and photographer – on this website you’ll find lots of lovely information about what I can offer you.

Since graduating in 2009 I have been employed as a full-time journalist, and up until 2014 I worked at Future Publishing, across its prestigious photography and technology portfolio. I was responsible for producing content for sites such as TechRadar, the UK’s largest consumer technology website (soon to be world if Future has its way), Digital Camera, the UK’s biggest-selling photography magazine (ditto), and Photography Week, which is already the world’s biggest photography title for iOS. I also helped out on N-Photo and PhotoPlus from time-to-time too.

In the three years since deciding to pursue a full-time freelance career, I have been fortunate to be very busy working mainly across the photographic industry. My clients include Amateur Photographer, Stuff, Wired, T3, Digital Photographer, Digital Camera, TechRadar, Trusted Reviews, ePhotozine and Photography Blog. I’ve also undertaken some copywriting for some illustrious clients including Canon USA, Panasonic and Jessops.

Keen to keep my interests varied, I also work for other clients outside the photographic sphere. These include WhatUni, Postgraduate Search, Total Jobs, LoveExploring, SFX, Triathlon Plus, Mollie Makes, Wales Business Insider and other clients which are too numerous to mention.

In case you’re interested – and I’m sure you are –  I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism, both from Cardiff Journalism School. While I was there I learned quite a few exciting things, such as 100wpm shorthand, media law, public admin and how to spot a typo at 100 paces. I’m yet to find a use for public admin, but the rest was pretty interesting.

If you’re looking for my blog – head on over to amydaviesblog.com where you’ll find all kinds of updates.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or want to talk about commissions…. especially the latter 😉


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