About Me

I am a journalist and photographer.

Since 2018 I’ve been the Features Editor at Amateur Photographer magazine, the UK’s best-selling photography publication.

I write and commission a huge number of features, including interviews with the biggest names in photography, pieces on contemporary photography books, projects and exhibitions, opinion pieces, analyses and more besides. As well as that, I also carry out lots of reviews of cameras, lenses, and smartphones.

I also take on freelance commissions and reviews for a variety of highly-regarded publications including TechRadar, Wired, Stuff, Digital Camera World, and T3. Off-tangent just a little is my work for PetsRadar. Each of those links takes you to the pieces I’ve written. I also provide copywriting services having previously worked with big brands such as Canon, Jessops and Panasonic. 

For my photography, I have won awards and been exhibited. I also have a penchant for taking on unusual challenges. I’ll probably never stop going on about the time that I used a different camera every single day for an entire year. Other ventures include the Cardiff Arcades Project, Walks of 2021 and WeAreCardiff.

I trained at Cardiff Journalism School, where I learned all manner of impressive-sounding things including media law, public admin, shorthand and the joys of a good pun. I’m still waiting to use the public admin, but the rest has been pretty useful.

There’s more about my work history over at LinkedIn.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or want to talk about commissions. Especially the latter. 

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